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Selling homemade food online has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people look for convenient and healthy meal options. Whether you are an experienced cook or a home chef looking to turn your passion for cooking into a business, selling homemade food online can be a great way to share your culinary creations with a wider audience and turn your hobby into a profitable venture.

Benefits of selling homemade food online

Reach a larger customer base

By selling homemade food online, you can reach a wider audience than you might by selling in-person or locally. You can market your food to people around your city & neighbourhood, and you can ship your food to customers.

Low startup costs

Selling homemade food online can be an affordable way to start a business. You may not need to invest in expensive equipment or rent a commercial kitchen space, which can save you money in the beginning.


Selling homemade food online can give you more control over your schedule and workload. You can set your own hours and choose when you want to cook and fulfil orders.


When you sell homemade food online, you can offer a personal touch that larger food companies might not be able to. You can interact directly with customers and tailor your products to their preferences.

Health and safety

When you sell homemade food online, you can ensure that your products are made in a clean and safe environment. You can also control the ingredients you use, which can be a selling point for customers who are looking for healthy, all-natural foods.

Increased profits

By selling homemade food online, you can cut out the middleman and keep more of the profits for yourself. This can be a way to earn more money from your cooking skills and passion. Overall, selling homemade food online can be a great way to turn your cooking skills into a profitable business. However, it's important to research the laws and regulations in your area to ensure that you are complying with all food safety requirements and regulations.

Sell Homemade Food Online with HomeSe

HomeSe is a platform that lets you build a beautiful online store to showcase and sell your delicious food.Our app lets you create your own online store, complete with photos, descriptions, and prices. Keeping track of orders and expanding your customer base has never been easier with our easy-to-use management tools. You can start or end a sale whenever you want. Whether you're a home chef or home baker, HomeSe helps you serve up your delicious creations with ease and professionalism. Join our community of passionate cooks and bakers, and take the first step towards selling homemade food online.

Features offered by HomeSe to sell homemade food

Don't wait any longer to take your home cooking skills to the next level with HomeSe's powerful features. Join the HomeSe family today and demonstrate your culinary skills.

Proper Catalogue Management

Home chefs can manage their product catalogues with ease, including images, descriptions, prices, and more.

Pre-Order and Availability Options

Home chefs can offer pre-order options to customers, and manage availability according to their schedule.

Delivery or Self-Pick-up Options

Customers can choose between delivery or self-pick-up, giving chefs flexibility in how they offer their products.

Running Sales

Home chefs can run sales and promotions on specific products, providing customers with a great deal.

Search Option for Customers

Customers can easily search for products based on keywords or product categories, making it easy to find what they're looking for.

Help Button

The HomeSe app features a Help button, allowing customers and chefs to easily reach out for support.

Auto-Filling of Details

The app auto-fills details for repeat orders, saving time for both customers and chefs.

Product Categorisation

Chefs can categorise their products into different groups, making it easier for customers to navigate their store.

Listing of Size Variants and Prices

Home chefs can list the sizes and corresponding prices of their products, making it easy for customers to choose what they want.

Detailed Order and Payout History

Home chefs can track their order and payout history in detail, making it easier to manage their finances.

Notifications for Chefs and Customers

Chefs and customers receive notifications for order updates, making the process seamless and efficient.

How To sell Homemade Food Online with HomeSe

Download the app

Setup account

Create your store

Add Your products

Take your store live

How To sell Homemade Food Online with HomeSe

Download the app

Setup account

Create your store

Add Your products

Take your store live

1. Download the App

Start by downloading the HomeSe app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Set Up Your Account

Once you've downloaded the app, set up your account by providing your basic information and verifying your email and phone number.

3. Create Your Store

Create your online store by designing your storefront, choosing your store name and logo, and setting your store hours.

4. Add Your Products

The number of products you can publish is unlimited. You can upload photos, quantity, price, and selling time information for each product.

5. Take Your Store Live

Take Your Store Live: Start selling your delicious homemade food right away! Using the HomeSe app, customers will be able to easily find your store and place their orders.

Using HomeSe, you can manage your online store, take orders, and offer flexible delivery and pick-up options.
Download the app today and begin sharing your culinary talent!

Join the HomeSe community today and start selling your homemade food to your neighbourhood.

Sign up now and let's get cooking!